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An organisation can have a programme and projects associated with it. A programme could be a series of future events with a start date and an end date. In ERP Mark 7, a programme can be associated with a manufacturing process created to meet the need and results of the manufacturing project. This will help organisations create better design and management of work centres and workforce systems; it also prepares a channel for growth for the organisation.

Create Programme:

  1. Navigate to the Organisation Management app > Programmes tab.
  2. Once in the Programmes section, you can track the business units already filled in and create a new programme.
  3. To create a new programme, click the “New” button.programme1
  4. Select the organisation and business units of the programme.
  5. Enter the programme name and the start and end dates of the programme.
  6. Select the budget status and the status of the programme.
  7. To track the expense incurred to execute the programme, select the budget account associated with the programme.
  8. Click the “Save” button to create a programme record for the organisation.