Getting Started

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. CPQ provides the functionality to convert Quote to Cash in an easy way.

Why Axolt CPQ?

Axolt CPQ contains out of the box functionality like Product Configurator, Quote Console, calculate profit and loss, Quote, Contracts signing process with the Docusign, Order, Invoices, payments from and PayPal, Supporting BOMs, Product/Service Sell, discount calculation, auto tax calculation and many more.

Account, Contact, Addresses:

Users can create Customers, vendors, and organizations at the Account object and also can create Contact and addresses on the Account level.

There are two prerequisites to be followed:-


       There are 3 profilings in CPQ

  • Customer Profile
  • Order Profile
  • Employee Profile

Note:- Tax Sourcing Rule is defined at the profile level.


2) Employees:-

              Whenever a new user is created it is mandatory to create an Employee for that particular user, if not the user will not have access to any of the functionality.

App Launcher > Employees> New