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Quotes using ‘Quote Console’

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  1. Quote Console allows the users to create the Quotes for the available customers.
  • Click on the Quote Console from the App Navigation, available in the CPQ App.


  • Find the Quote Console tab from the App Launcher.
  • Click on the tab and the system will take you to the Quote Console’s Home page.
  • On the Home page, select the created Customer Account. After selecting the Customer account system will pull its Contact, and Address (Ship-To-Address and Bill-TO-Address) records automatically.
  • Logged-In user’s Employee record will be auto-selected and the created Customer Profile will be auto-selected
  • Once you select the Customer, click on the +New Button the system will take you to Add Products screen to add the Quote Line Items.

On the Add Products screen, you can search any product using the Search Bar or filter out any Product by Product’s Family wise.

You can see the details of Products on the Add Products screen. Product Code, Product Name, Unit of Measure, Price per Unit (Price/Unit coming from Price Book record), Quantity (default quantity will be 1, but you can select more than one quantity at a time), Discount per Unit (Coming from Tier Discount Allocation record or you can enter manually), Description of the product (you can enter manually if require).

Note: – Mechanical Ventilator is a Configurable Product, if you select that product the system will take you to the Configuration page, from the three you can configure this product by selecting different Feature Options. See the below screenshot.

Once you configure a configurable product and select it or select a normal product from the Add Products page, click on the Add Product button to add the Products in the Quote.

Once you hit the Add Products button the Products will be added to the Quote record.