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  • Navigate to App menu > Credential Setup
  • You will land on the Credential setup page where you have Payment, Shipment and E-Commerce tabs.
  • Click on the Shipment Tab
  • Click New to add DHL setup record.
  • Fill in the DHL credentials and add in the URL to specify the test or live account and make the record active.
  • Make sure to use the name as DHL
  • Add the Shipper Details and click “Save.”
  • This creates a DHL record as shown above and the password/trans key gets encrypted.
  • With this setup, you can use the DHL services for shipment.
  • In the outbound logistics process while doing the Pick Pack Ship of the logistic orders, select the shipment type to be DHL while creating a Package.

Click on “Ship” to land on the DHL services page.

  • Click on “Get Rates” and select the suitable service.
  • Scroll down the services and click “Initiate Shipment” button

This will successfully ship the package.

  • Move to “Process Shipment” where you can see the “Shipment No” and “Shipment Status.”
  • Click “View Label” to generate the label and “View Invoice” to see the shipping invoice.
  • Click on “Cancel Shipment” to delete the shipment.


  • Navigate to the “Track Shipment” tab to track the shipment.