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Employee Management

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One of the most important assets a company has is its human capital. A properly managed company will always have a high-quality Human Resources department. Properly managing employees and their various needs and keeping track of their work patterns can lead to better and more productive employees. The HR module in Aqxolt ERP allows you to maintain a complete employee database that includes employees’ contact information, pay details, performance evaluation details, and attendance details.

Create Employee:

  1. Navigate to the HR Management app > Employees tab.
  2. Once in the Employees tab, you can track/view the employee information already filled in and create a new employee record.employee1
  3. To create a new employee, click the “New” button.
  4. Select the organisation and business unit where the employee belongs
  5. Enter the employment details in the Employment Information section.
  6. Enter other information about the employee, such as contact details, nationality, date of birth, passport details, and social security number.
  7. Click the “Save” button to create an employee record in the organisation.

With the Aqxolt ERP, the enterprise can effortlessly manage the following key elements of employee management:

  • Payroll
  • Qualifications
  • Taxes
  • Expenses
  • Timesheets
  • Performance reviews
  • Approval processes
  • Profiling
  • Leave entitlements
  • Earnings
  • Costs
  • Commissions/Bonuses

Aqxolt ERP prides itself on setting a benchmark in the complete automation of employee management. As soon as a new employee joins the enterprise, the system calculates and manages wages from the date of his or her joining. This, and a host of other features makes the HR module as accurate and autonomous as possible.

Fields to note:

No of Hours/DayDescribes the number of working hours per day
Maximum Overtime Hours/DayDescribes the maximum allowed overtime hours per day
First NameDescribes the first name of the employee
Last NameDescribes the last name of the employee
Middle NameDescribes the middle name of the employee
GenderDescribes the gender of the employee
Leave AllowanceDescribes the total number of leave allowances applied to the employee
Available AllowanceDescribes the available leaves for the employee
Leave Allowance TakeDescribes the leave allowances utilised by the employee
Former EmployeeIndicates whether the employee is a former employee
Former Employee RecordDescribes details of the former employee record
Employee UserUsed to assign a salesforce user to the employee record
Employment StatusDescribes the employment status of the employee
Job TitleDescribes the job title of the hired employee
Non-Employee TypeIndicates whether the employee is a consultant or apprentice
Employment Start DateDescribes the start date of the employee
Employment Start DateDescribes the last working day of the employee
Contract/Offer Issue DateDescribes the date when the job contract/offer was issued to the employee
First Working DayDescribes the first working day of the week assigned to the employee
Commission PlanDescribes the commission plan assigned to the employee
Organisation Business UnitDescribes the organisation business unit where the employee is hired to work
ChannelDescribes the segment of the business where the employee is hired to work
Reporting ManagerDescribes the manager under whom the employee will be working
Employee ProfilingDescribes the profile of the employee
Work StatusDescribes the work permit status of the employee
DescriptionProvides more information about the employee
Date of BirthDescribes the date of birth of the employee
Place of BirthDescribes the place of birth of the employee
Marital StatusDescribes the marital status of the employee
Number of ChildrenDescribes the number of children of the employee
Passport NumberDescribes the passport number of the employee
Passport Expiry DateDescribes the expiration date of the passport
NationalityDescribes the nationality of the employee
Social Security NumberDescribes the social security number of the employee
National Insurance NumberDescribes the national insurance number of the employee
AddressDescribes the address of the employee
Permanent AddressDescribes the permanent address of the employee
PhoneDescribes the contact phone number of the employee
EmailDescribes the email address of the employee
MobileDescribes the mobile number of the employee