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Kit Product

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A kit product, also known simply as a kit, is a collection of items packed together. 

The main idea behind a kit product is to provide users with everything they need in one package, eliminating the need to source individual items separately. 

Overall, kit products offer convenience and ease of use by bundling items together.


Creating the main product


  • Open the App Launcher, search, and select “Products.”
  • Click on “New” to create a new product.
  • Enter the product name and check the “Active” box. Set the status to “Released” and mark Is Kit as checked. Enter any additional details as required.
  • Ensure not to select the “Track Inventory” option.

Creating a version for the product


  • Navigate to the related section of the product and locate “Version”, then click on “New.”
  • Choose the Kit record type.
  • Provide the following information: Name the version, select the “Active” checkbox, set the type as “Sales,” choose “Certified” as the status, and ensure the “Default” checkbox is checked. Additionally, enter the start and end dates. Fill in any other required details.

Creating the Bill of Materials (BoMs)


  • Go to the related section of the product and locate “Bill of Materials,” then click on “New.”
  • Choose the Kit BOM record type.
  • Provide the necessary information: Name the BoM, check the “Active” checkbox, set the status to “Certified,” specify the Unit of Measurement (UoM), choose the BoM version you created, and under “BoM component,” select the product you wish to add as a BoM.
  • Set the quantity accordingly. Fill in any other required details.
  • Note: In cases where the stock of a bill of materials is 0 and you wish to replace it with another product, use the “Type” field to select “Primary” for the product you are swapping out, and in the “BoM alternate” field, specify the product you are swapping it with.


  • Create an order with the kit product.
  • Once an order is created, click on the order product and click on explode. Stock outward line items for only the bill of materials are created.
  • Then go back to the order and click on Ready to Pick and Pack, the logistic is created. 
  • Proceed further with outbound logistics to Pick, pack, and ship the kit product.

NOTE: It is important to note that for kit products we need to first check the explode checkbox on the order line item and then the ready to pick and pack checkbox on the order, in the same order.