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Outbound Logistics

The Outbound Logistics module of Aqxolt ERP ensures that all kinds of orders are dispatched accurately to the provided shipping address. The outbound logistics allows items to be placed in the specific packages for shipment. The system allows the user

Process and Process cycles

Process A process is a functionality intended to be used by manufacturing industries to produce finished products for sale. The production of products is typically in bulk quantities and is concerned with discrete units, bills of materials and the assembly

Bill of Materials

A Bill of Material (BOM) is the functionality used to set up a production module in an ERP system. A BOM is essentially used to manage a list of components used to produce the end product. The manufacturing of the


Navigate to App menu > Credential Setup You will land on the Credential setup page where you have Payment, Shipment and E-Commerce tabs. Click on the Shipment Tab Click “New” to add FedEx setup record. Fill in the FedEx credentials

Inventory Assembly

You can easily build assemblies or finished goods from a detailed Bill of Materials. The manufacturing module allows you to specify the raw materials or components needed to manufacture each finished good. With operations that involve inventory for work-in-process and

Bank Reconciliation

Generally, every organisation operates its finances with at least one bank account. An organisation can have one or more bank accounts operating on multiple currencies. An organisation makes daily, weekly or monthly deposits depending on the nature of the business.

Fixed Assets (Equipment)

Assets are also known as fixed or capital assets and typically refer to an organisation’s valuable resources and equipment. These items have long-term business use and enable their owner to produce goods or perform services. Assets are tracked as unique


The concept of KIT is extensively used in manufacturing industries. The concept of BOM and KIT fall under different processes. KIT is a concept involving the sales process whereas BOM falls under the inventory process. KIT is an assembly of