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Creating the sales order from Enterprise Point of Sale (EPoS) Tab

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The orders are created through Enterprise Point of Sale for a situation when a customer walks into a store/outlet, orders a product, pays for it, and takes the product home or opts for the available shipment options. Upon confirming the sales order, the sales invoice is created automatically. Each sales order has a unique number to enable simple tracking. The order console where the sale orders are processed is as shown below. It is referred to as Enterprise Point of Sale (EPOS) in Aqxolt CPQ. Click on the Epos tab as shown below.

  • Click on the Epos from the App Navigation, available in the CPQ App.


  • Find the Epos tab from the App Launcher.

Once you click on the Epos tab system will take you to the Epos home page.

Under the Customer Details section Select the Customer Name from the Account Name Lookup field, once you select the customer’s name the system will automatically pull the Contact and the Billing and Shipping address. (The customer account needs to have the Contact and the address records).

If you cannot locate the customer’s name in the Account Name lookup field, you can create a new customer account without exiting the Epos page or switch to other windows. Simply click on the Account tab located on the right-hand side of the screen. On the Account tab, you will be prompted to add:

  1. Account
  2. Contact
  3. Address

You will be able to add a new Customer account, a new contact for the new or existing customer and both the “Bill To” and “Ship To” addresses, for the new or existing customer. Based on the selection made, the relevant screens appear to add information.

  1. Click on the Account tab to create a new customer account.
  • Enter account name, assign the Account Profile and Order profile. Enter other details and click on Create Account button.

2. Click on the Contact tab to create a new contact for the Created customer.

Account Name will be auto populated, enter First and Last Name, enter other details if required and click on the Create Contact button.

3. Click on the Address tab to create a new Bill To and Ship To address for the Created customer.

Account will be auto-selected, select the created Contact, enter Address Line 1, City, Zip/Postal Code, Country, and other details if required, and click on the Create Address button.


  • Once you select the customer’s name from the Account Name lookup field, the contact details, such as contact name, email address, phone number, account ID, customer profile, and address details, are retrieved automatically.
  •  You may select the retrieved “bill to” address or select a different “bill to” address if one or more “bill to” addresses are saved for the selected customer, this change will be made for this order only and not on the customer account.
  • A single “bill to” address/a single customer may have several “ship to” addresses. Select the “ship to” address from the available picklist for the selected customer.
  • The “ship to” address describes the location where the order is to be shipped. If the “ship to” address required for the order has not been saved in the customer account, click on the Accounts tab to create new address information.
  •  If you want to select an existing sales order then, click on the lookup and select the sales order.
  •  If you are creating a new sales order, then a new sales order number is generated after adding the product line items and saving the order.

Once you Select the customer, add the products into the Order

Click on the Add button, to add the line items into the order.

After clicking on the Add button, the system will take you to the Add Products page where you can find the products and add them as Order Products.

You can scroll the page or use the search bar to find a product.

Once you found the products select that product, enter quantity, select discount plan or enter discount amount if applicable, and click on the Add Product button available at the bottom of the page.

Note: – The system will not allow to add those products, which doesn’t have any stock. The products need to have stock, or the products should a back-order product.

Once you click on the Add Products, the selected products will be added to order and the epos page will look like the below screen.

Once you add the products, click on the Save button to create the Order.

After clicking on the Save button system will generate a unique order number.

You can Edit or Delete the line items if you want.