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Convert the accepted Quote into an Order using the ‘Convert to Order’ button:

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The Aqxolt CPQ allows creating the Orders for the Accepted Quotes using the Convert to Order button.

  • Open the accepted Quote record and click on the Convert to Order button, available in the upper right corner.

After clicking on the Convert to Order button, the system will take you to the order creation page. On the order creation page, you can see all the details along with the Line Items.

On the Order creation page, enter the order Description if applicable. Edit the Price, Quantity, Change the Discount Plan, or manually enter the Discount/Unit, enter Line Description If required, and click on the SAVE button available at the bottom of the page by selecting the line items.

Once you click on the Save button, an Order will be created with Draft status. You can see the created Contract and Quote record on the Order detail page.

Note: – You can edit the existing Order Products or add new Products on the Order before activating the Order.