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Send the Quotes to Customer to sign the Contracts using DocuSign

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  1. Aqxolt CPQ is integrated with DocuSign so that you can send the Quotes to the customer to sign the contract.
  • Open the created quote, and click on the DocuSign button, available in the Quote header.

Once you click on the DocuSign button, the system will ask you to log in. Log in to DocuSign and the system will take you to the Contract creation page.

Note: –

  1. You need to set up the DocuSign Credentials in the system using the Credentials Setup page. Refer to the Credentials Setup steps mentioned above.
  2. You can change the templates from the Standard Quote Documentation option, or you can upload a Custom template using the Custom Document option.
  • After selecting the Standard Quote Document or uploading the Custom Template, click on the Create Draft Contract button available below the Template.

After clicking on the Create Draft Contact button, the system will you to the DocuSign page, where you can drag ad drop the required fields into the template. You can drop the fields anywhere in the template.

Once you drag and drop the field in the template, send the template to Customer by clicking on the Send button available in the upper right and bottom right corner.

  • Once you click on the Send button, an email will be sent to the Customer and the Contact record will gets created. The user can see the created Contract number on the Quote record page.
  • The Customer need to open the email and need to click on the Review Document.

Once the Customer click on the Review Document button from the email, the system will take the customer next screen where the customer needs to sign the consent form and click on continue button.

After clicking on the Continue button, the system will allow to review the document and allow to Finish the Contract Sign process by clicking on Finish button.

Note: – Enter the details on the input fields or attach any file if there are any input fields or any option to attach file.

After click on the finish button system will ask to Sign-up to DocuSign. The customer can skip this option by clicking on the No Thanks option.

Once the Customer click on the No Thanks option, the contact signing process will be completed.

  • Once the Customer successfully sign the Contact, the Quote will be Accepted automatically. Open the Quote records and check the Quote Status.
  • Once the Quoted Accepted, you are allowed to convert the Quote into an Order.