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    A queue works almost on the same methodology used at banks or supermarkets, where the customer is treated according to its arrival.

Create a Queue

  1. Click on the app launcher and click on the queue tab
  2. To create a new record and click on the new button and select record type as resource service
  3. Enter queue name and select Location for which queue is created and Select status as active
  4. Select the Type of the queue whether it is a standard or a VIP queue.
  5. And click on the Save button to create a record.

Queue Allocation

    Queue allocation is nothing but allocating the queue based on their services and their resources.

Create a Queue Allocation

  1. Click on the queue tab and select any Queue record
  2. Navigate to the related list of Queue tab
  3. Once in the related list section, find the Queue Allocations and click on the new button
  4. And enter the Queue Allocation name and Select Queue
  5. And select service to allocate in the queue
  6. Select a resource to allocate in the queue and check the active checkbox
  7. And save the record to create queue allocation