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Barcode is an automatic identification technology consisting of a series of parallel,
adjacent bars and spaces. It is an optical machine-readable representation of data,
which displays certain data on products to which it is attached. This can be referred to
as the Identification number of a product. A barcode is a series of numbers and each
digit is coded with black and white stripes, representing the product information such
as the name, classification about the products, how much the tag price is, when it
expired, etc. There are a number of different standards of barcodes available in the

industry and it is used in almost all the industries including Automotive, Distribution,
Electronics, Government, Hospitality, Logistic, Manufacturing,Security etc.
Barcode Zone is a native, Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that can generate barcode in
salesforce. Barcode Zone is a Visualforce component that can be used in any of your
Visualforce page(s) / Standard Page(s) to generate linear barcodes such as Code-39,
Code-128, EAN-13 and EAN-8 and 2D barcodes such as PDF417 and QR Code. With this product, you can put barcodes on almost anything. We can make our own bar-coded name badges from Contacts, bar-coded product labels, and even barcode our
documents (PDFs, Invoices, Purchase Orders and more).


1. Completely Native does not need any external resources or host server.
2. Easy to integrate with Standard and Visualforce Salesforce pages.
3. Generate Invoices for the products with barcode in PDF form.
4. No additional custom objects needed.
5. Supports almost all the browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
6. Available for Developer, Enterprise and Unlimited editions.