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RMA Process

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As a customer, I need the ability to handle the products returned from our customers with all the required functionality from refund to the replacement during the warranty period.

When the customer receives the product returned from their customer a user needs to create an RMA.

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund, replacement or repair during the product’s warranty period. Returned merchandise requires management after the return and has a second lifecycle after the return.

  • The Sales order must be available whose stage is closed to return the purchased product as shown below.

Termination Outcome: 

  • An account should be associated with the RMA for refund.
  • The RMA record will be created with the returned product as its line items.

Input Summary:  

· RMA from Sales Order Tab: Select the sales order whose stage is closed to return the purchased product as shown below.

  • In the related tab, find the Return Merchandise Authorization and click the “New” button.

  • Enter the RMA code and click the “Save” button to create the RMA record.
  • In the related tab, click the “New” button to create an RMA line item.
  • Enter the organisation details.

  • Fill in the RMA number, the sales order line-item number, and the quantity to return. Mention the reason for the return.
  • Select the Authorize, Is Closed and Ready to Receive checkboxes.
  • Click the “Save” button to create an RMA line-item record.

    The RMA must be associated with a sales order and a shipment. This ensures that returns are permitted only for those items that have been shipped. The return process includes the ability to create the shipment flows and tracks those returns in the system.

  • Select the sales order record to return the purchased products.
  • Click the “RMA” button; this will navigate to the RMA page as shown below.

The system auto-fetches the sales order details and customer details.

  • Click the edit icon and enter the desired return quantity and the reason for return.
  • Select the return status and click “Save” to create a new return package.

Fields to note:



Added Back to Inventory

A check box that indicates the RMA line item has been returned to inventory for resale

Batch/Lot Code

A code assigned to shipment of RMA

RMA Line-Item Name

Describes the name of the RMA line item

Sales Order Line Item

Describes the Original Sales Order Line Item the product for the Customer RMA was purchased

Return Merchandise Authorization

Describes the name of the RMA to which the RMA line item belongs

Return Reason

Describes the reason for the item that is returned; essentially helps identify issues or problem with the returned item

Return Status

Provides the status of the product being returned

Total Deduction

The amount of the product that has been deducted

Site Item Inventory Stock

Specifies the total amount of inventory in the site

Number of Items In Quality Check

Specifies the total number of returned items in the quality check process

Number of Items to Resell

Specifies the total number of returned items that are sellable

Number of Items Discarded

Specifies the total number of returned items that are discarded