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Inventory/Stock Transfer

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As a customer, I need the ability to transfer the products from one warehouse to another warehouse or from one location to another within the same warehouse in a simpler way. Also need the ability to store it in the cart and transfer based on the requirement of products.

  • Navigate to the App Launcher and select the Stock Transfer Tab.
  • In the Stock Transfer section, select the Source Site and the Cart associated with the source site.
  • Click the “New” button item to pick the items and transfer.

  • Select the Location from where the item is picked.
  • Select the product that needs to be transferred.
  • Select the Serial No/ Batch Code of the product after selecting the product if the product is batch/serialized.
  • Enter the Quantity to be picked.
  • Click the Putaway tab and select the Destination Site.

  • Select the Location of the site to put away the items.
  • Select the items in the action section and click the “Putaway” button to complete the stock transfer process.