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Process and Process cycles

Process A process is a functionality intended to be used by manufacturing industries to produce finished products for sale. The production of products is typically in bulk quantities and is concerned with discrete units, bills of materials and the assembly

Capacity planning

Capacity planning is the process of determining the production capacity needed in manufacturing a product. For an organization, capacity would be the ability of a given system to produce output within the specific period. In Capacity Planning, we can get

Adding Custom Settings

After installing “Aqxolt ERP” to a Salesforce Instance; the following custom settings need to be uploaded before you start using the shipment processes. Country Codes Province Codes Product Unit Codes Package Details For UPS, the following two objects have to

Fixed Assets (Equipment)

Assets are also known as fixed or capital assets and typically refer to an organisation’s valuable resources and equipment. These items have long-term business use and enable their owner to produce goods or perform services. Assets are tracked as unique


The concept of KIT is extensively used in manufacturing industries. The concept of BOM and KIT fall under different processes. KIT is a concept involving the sales process whereas BOM falls under the inventory process. KIT is an assembly of