Product Configuration:

We can manage the product creation and customization from the Product Configuration page. With the help of Product Configuration, we can create new Products, Edit and delete the products.

Every object field are coming from the field set at the object level. Users can add and remove the fields.

Create new Products:-

Click on the +Product button🡪Enter mandatory fields🡪Hit the save button.

Search Bar:-

                   You can easily search a Product by its product Name, Code, or SKU(Stock Keeping Unit).

Edit Existing Product:-

            You can easily edit an existing product by clicking on Edit Icon 🡪 a popup appears🡪Enter changes🡪Hit the update button.

Delete Existing Product:-

            You can easily delete an existing product by clicking on the delete Icon 🡪 a confirmation popup appears 🡪Hit the Yes button.

Configure an Existing Product:-

    The main functionality is to configure the product. Configuration of any product contains Pricebook entry, Tier Discount Allocation, Cost Card, Features, Options, Rules, Inventory/Stock, Product/Service Sell.